The JolleySharps get a moment to sit down together and reconnect. Jozalyn was flabbergasted at the amount of weird news she had read that day and shared it with Tyler and Greg. The chat parents who were tricked into going to a fundraiser for pedophiles, a “Breatharian” couple who doesn’t believe they need food to live and can survive just on the universe’s energy, meth-heads are making actual rock candy now, and a Canadian hotel who’s serving their guests human toes and what happens when you steal one of those toes. What does a ‘Toe Captain’ do? Did they need to put so many foot puns in the article? We don’t know but we loved it. The tequila starts to flow and we have a serious heart to heart then Jozalyn on her never ending love/hate relationship with all things Cosmopolitan magazine shares some dating tips for women they printed and finds out how the guys feel about it. We play M/F/K/LIB CGI character edition and find out Greg doesn’t care if what hole a woman has as long as he can stick things in it.


Randall joins us and discusses losing his virginity during a threesome, we chat about how he’s delightfully offensive and intelligent, him lying about his dad being dead, the scariest doll chair in a basement ever, he drinks Olde English and regales us with tales that involve too many people in one hole, and we laugh our way through the rest of the podcast talking about a menagerie of nonsense. 

Tyler and Jozalyn sit down with their good buddy John Campbell and talk about the night that Jozalyn and John met and how it ended in this divorce, how his ex took his dog and most of his prized possessions, what revenge he took on her, the first time he was caught smoking weed, the worst virginity story we’ve heard to date is told, growing up in the South and John struggles through Impossible TV Trivia.

We sit down with Butch Bradley and we finish the Impossible TV Trivia from the first episode he was on, we talk about why you shouldn't let Butch borrow your VW, his childhood quest to get a dirtbike, what people around the world think about Americans, how he became acclimated to Chinese traffic, and what’s new for him in comedy.

Gooch, Pete, and Jozalyn all had a nice little brouhaha while discussing people eating spaghetti at a comedy show that doesn’t serve spaghetti, Gooch’s wife putting an end to Gooch’s stuffy nose, the downside to long pubes, Pete’s disdain for Gypsies, and so much more random tomfoolery on this week’s Rise To Offend.

Gooch, Pete, and Jozalyn welcome sex toy designer Kim Faubel on the show to talk about the ‘mimic’ vibrator, Pete getting married, Gooch and Joz being hi as F at the Crapshoot Comedy Festival, the weirdest question Gooch was asked by a homeless person, and we even talked to rapper, Whitney Peyton about her new EP and what ‘real hiphop’ is.

Gooch, Pete, and the new fulltime member of RTO, Jozalyn Sharp discuss how difficult it was to move on from Bobby, why we don’t have women finger blast themselves on the show, when a huge dick can be used as a murder weapon, and we talked to Brandon Saller from Hell or High Water. It was another doozy of an episode.

Adult Superstar, Ariana Marie stopped by to hang out with Gooch, Jozalyn, and Pete to discuss how she got in the biz, predators in the adult industry, how her parents found out about her career choice, how she met her husband, and she even did a live read of one of RTO’s famous ‘porn scripts’. It was great time!!!