Quick Makeup Tutorial/Go-To Going Out Look

I get asked a lot to do makeup tutorials. I have mad respect for the YouTube makeup gurus because these videos take a lot of effort and time to make. The latter of which I am very low on these days. Here is my first “quick tutorial”. I will make some more in depth ones down the line, but it’s still a very comprehensive look on how I put my face on. I’ve listed the products and links to where to find them below.

I give a quick and easy overview of my go-to "going out" look. This is also my preferred look for shows. Can't be washed out in those photos hunny! I have hooded lids so the eye took me awhile to get where I wanted and those without will be able to play with the eye look more.

How We've Let Politics Ruin the Art of Discourse

My grandmother screams at the television. Sucked in by the 24 hour news cycle, she sits in her red recliner day in and day out pining for a Democratic president and cursing at representatives of the right. Flip the political affiliations either way and I bet each and every one of you reading this has someone in your family like this. Someone so caught up in the discourse they forgot that part of the human condition is coexisting. She screams again, my grandfather tells her to knock it off, and I tell my grandmother what I really think of it all. She listens. Maybe she’s changed, maybe she isn’t. We have a responsibility to keep discourse alive

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Hangover Skincare: How to Look Like you Didn't Get Most of Your Sleep in the Front Seat of a Corolla

I hear my friend, Mike Simpson, talking cheerily with our hostess. He asks about her sons and the night starts to flash back to me. Did we see a deer in the front yard? Did I dream that? Why is my face so hurty? Then I peel it off the leather couch it's stuck to and ask the same thing about my head. I look at Mike and mentally send him pictures of coffee and bacon and biscuits with gravy. He must be getting the hint because he heads in to shower. I know I have no time. Hygiene is for the young and spry. If I don't get greasy solids into my stomach to wrestle down the incorrectly made Irish car bombs we did the night before, I am going to have a much bigger problem on my hands. I cannot be all barfy for the drive I had ahead of me. I have 6 hours before the next show. It's back in Las Vegas so that will give me about 20 minutes to get ready. I can't even get some hair of the dog in me to alleviate my internal suffering. I have to drive. I know I look like a hot turd on the hood of a Pontiac, so I reach into my backpack for my trusty face sheet mask: the basic bitch's human white out. 

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Struggling Comedian: A Story of Middle Aged Bar Hopping and Living with Uncertainty

We walk up the ramp to the entrance of Mike & Rhonda's "The Place". A group of tourists who speak no English secure their spot on the waiting list for a table. I am wondering what brought these tourists to a little college town in the mountains of Arizona. The sole man in the group turns around and he has three individual rat tails that have been dread-locked hanging from the base of his skull. The rest of his head is shaved. What in the actual fuck. 

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